Repairing emails and identities in Office 2011 for Mac systems

Software: Office 2011 & 2016 | Last modified on 2018-06-18

Always make a backup of the Microsoft User Data folder before troubleshooting profiles / identities

Overview of steps to repairing and recovering emails and identities in Office 2011 on Mac systems.

[Solution 1] Making an Office 2011 for Mac user data backup

  1. First you have to go to the Documents folder.
  2. The following folder holds the Outlook Data, Templates and such:Microsoft User Data
  3. Duplicate this file and place it somewhere safe. For example your desktop or an external media like USB or HDD

[Solution 2] Troubleshooting profiles / identities in Office 2011 for Mac

  1. To open the Microsoft Database Utility press and hold the CMD key (Windows: Alt key) while clicking on the Outlook shortcut
  2. If an Identity is encountering issues, you can try to repair it by selecting the Identity and clicking the Rebuild button
  3. If the Rebuild option didn't work out as planned you can try to add a new Identity instead. To add a new profile click the '+' icon
  4. To set another profile as default, click the profile followed up by clicking on the settings button with the gear icon.
  5. Select Set as default in this list. The newly made profile will now automatically be used when opening Outlook.

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