How To Delete A User Account In Windows

Learn how to delete a user account in Windows with a few simple steps.

Enable / Disable The Spell Checker In Windows 10

Windows 10 has built-in spell checker & autocorrect functions that you can choose to either enable or disable.

Turn Off / Disable Advertisements In Windows 10

Regardless of which version is installed, Windows 10 comes with advertisements. Luckily, you're able to turn these advertisements off.

Disable The Input Indicator In Windows 8 & 10

Several quick steps to turning off the Input Indicator, located left of the clock in the taskbar, in Windows 8 & 10.

Backup & Restore The Start Menu Layout In Windows 10

Backup and restore the start menu layout on any Windows 10 PC.

Reset / Clear The Event Viewer Log Files in Windows

Use the Command Prompt or PowerShell to clear the Event Viewer Log Files in Windows.

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