How to change the main display in Windows

How to change your main display in Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Rebuild the icon cache in Windows 10

Several quick steps to deleting and rebuilding a corrupt Icon Cache in Windows 10.

Export / save Windows Spotlight background images in Windows 10

This guide will explain to you where to find the Spotlight images and how to save them for personal use.

Access Windows Recovery Environment in Windows 8 & 10

The old methods of accessing the Recovery Environment no longer work in Windows 8 & 10 due to a new addition called 'Fast Boot'.

Enable / disable file paths longer than 260 characters in Windows

It is possible to use file paths which exceed 260 characters since a recent build (14352) of Windows 10.

Import & export default apps for file extension type associations

A few steps for restoring your file extension type associations as the new default associations for new or existing users.

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