100% Disk usage in Windows 8 or 10

The Task Manager shows a constant 100% disk usage and won't go down.

Add encrypt / decrypt to right-click context menu in Windows 8 & 10

You can choose to add encrypt / decrypt to your right click context menu if you wish to quickly encrypt and decrypt files and folders in Windows.

Show / hide / combine Taskbar labels in Windows

A few quick steps to changing the taskbar settings for showing or hiding labels.

Wrong language or input method at the sign-in screen

A small guide to changing the default language or input method in Windows 7, 8 & 10.

Windows Reliability Monitor guide

A small guide to finding malfunctioning applications on the computer using the Windows Reliability Monitor.

Unable to type letters & numbers with the keyboard

You're unable to type any letters and numbers using your keyboard in Windows, after an update or restart of the computer.

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