Desktop icons move after restarting the PC

After restarting the computer, all desktop icons have moved back to their previous location.

Troubleshoot BSOD with the Driver Verifier

If you experience irregular BSOD's, it's often caused by a faulty driver. You can use the built-in Driver Verifier to find the faulty driver.

Enable or disable TRIM for solid state drives

Enabling this feature allows the SSD to last much longer, while also increasing the writing and reading speed.

Hide your name and email in Windows

If you prefer not to show your real name and e-mail address in Windows, you can hide them.

Create or restore a Windows image backup

Create or restore an image backup of all your data using the Command Prompt in Windows.

Windows: forgotten password for your user account

You are unable to sign-in into Windows with your only user account.

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