Upgrade Windows without enough available disk space

It's possible to perform an upgrade of Windows by using an external storage device if your hard drive is almost full.

Windows 10: return to a previous Windows (downgrade)

You can return to your previous Windows installation if you are unsatisfied with Windows 10.

Windows upgrade error 0x800704dd - 0x90016

When you're trying to update or upgrade Windows, errorcode 0x800704dd-0x90016 occurs.

Windows Update Visual C++ 2012 installation issues

When attempting to install a Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 update, it keeps repeatedly downloading and installing the same update.

Windows upgrade interrupted

When trying to perform an upgrade the process is interrupted and the system is reverted back to the previous Windows.

Windows 10: black screen after an upgrade

Windows won't load it's desktop after an upgrade to Windows 10

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